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Renew Richmond is a 501(c)3, non-profit entity that uses agriculture to empower young people to build healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities in underserved neighborhoods throughout the greater Richmond region. Formed in 2009, our strategy leverages urban farm development, curriculum-based instructional programs, social enterprise, and entrepreneurialism as a solution for health disparities, poverty, and food insecurity in areas with limited access to healthy food. We strive for a future in which good health, innovation and productivity thrive in all communities.

Renew Richmond has a long-standing foot print within the communities we serve and we have solidified strong partnerships. While we grow food and donate throughout the community, we recognize food and environmental justice are complex issues rooted in poverty that requires a multi-pronged approach rooted in empowerment.

Renew Richmond envisions a time where everyone can live in healthy, vibrant communities – regardless of zip code.

Who we are


Chika Anyadike, J.D. – Executive Director

Chloe Summerford – Farm Assistant

Michael Foster – Farm & Technology Assistant



Greg Hopkins, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Susan Bodnar-Deren, Virginia Commonwealth University

Chika Anyadike, Virginia State University

Michael John Bodnar, Raison Brands

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