We empower youth to build healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities.

To achieve this goal, we work with young people to develop farms, gardens, and other greenspaces to promote food and environmental justice while building skills to nurture tomorrow's advocates.

Everyone should be able to live in healthy, vibrant communities
Yet inequities in our food system and environmental policies harm our most vulnerable communities the most
our work

We empower youth to advance food and environmental justice while building skills that will amplify their voices, involvement, and impact around these issues

Youth Engagement

We work with elementary school, high school, and college students develop and maintain farms and greenspaces, in addition to delivering other hands-on experiences in agriculture and environmental sustainability.

Farm and School Gardens

We manage a 1.5-acre farm and several school gardens that are the heart of our youth engagement and community programs. These greenspaces are developed and maintained by the young people we work with, providing valuable hands-on experience. The food we grow goes back to the community, providing fresh, nutritious food to the areas that need it most. .

Our Farms and School Gardens

We’ve worked with students at a number of schools to develop and maintain a variety of farms and gardens. Take a look at some of our work below!

Farmstrong Community Farm

Farmstrong is our 1.5-acre flagship farm, and the hub of our operations where we grow food and grow community.

G.H. Reid Elementary School

Barack Obama Elementary School

Overby-Sheppard Elementary School

our impact

We are committed to change and empowerment. When young people take the lead, our community is stronger.


Hundreds of hours of immersive agriculture education

High School and Beyond

Hundreds of hours of hands-on green community projects


Thousands of pounds of produce grown for the community since 2009



Our approach to promoting environmental justice and food justice starts from the ground up, with community members like you. We would love to have you join us in these efforts.

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