It’s simple. Our programs help low-income communities grow healthier. We use fresh, organic, locally-grown food as a tool of personal empowerment.

frametestWe create urban gardens that produce tons of organic fruits and vegetables for community organizations and residents.

We run educational programs centered on health and wellness, fun ways to cook, entrepreneurial skills, and green jobs training.

We distribute our home-grown fruits and vegetables to folks from all walks of life through our farm stands.


So why is abundant fresh food so helpful?

Because food security is essential for productive, happy living.

When people have the know-how and support to create their own sources of high-quality, nutrient-dense food, they can take greater control of their own lives. They’ll be much healthier, and they can apply the same basic strategies that make urban gardens work to personal and societal challenges.

See—it’s pretty simple. So would you like to help Renew Richmond? Then join us.