Urban farming is a solution for health disparities, economic growth, and food security, especially for people living in food desert areas. By promoting and teaching urban agriculture, we help build healthier communities.

We collaborate with local schools, small businesses, corporations, religious institutions, government agencies, and non-profits to spread the word and skills for sustainable food practices. Testing the ability to make updates and stuff.

Our strategy leverages urban agriculture instructional programs, curriculum-based activities, workshops, pop-up markets and entrepreneurialism. Our goal is a future in which good health, innovation and productivity thrive in all communities—regardless of socioeconomic status.

While Renew Richmond serves everyone, we have a passion for helping low-income populations. Testing that capability yet again.

People in communities with socio-economic challenges face far greater risks for nutrition-related health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and chronic obesity. Children are especially vulnerable. Nutritional deficiencies are proven contributors to behavioral disorders, cognitive impairment, and learning disabilities.

The hands-on growth and consumption of nutrient-dense foods repairs the health and well-being of individuals while building healthier, more tightly knit communities.

Once empowered, people of all ages can take responsibility for their food choices and make permanent, positive lifestyle changes. They in turn will educate others within their families and communities.

That’s why we Renew Richmond.