The Jerusalem Connection Community Garden grew from the success of the G.H. Reid project—and it grew almost 20,000 lbs. of organic food in its time.jerveggies-bagged-2

In 2016, the owners of the land that housed the garden decided to use it for development. Although we’ve moved all of our assets and equipment to other Renew locations, the Jerusalem Connection Community Garden helped feed and empower thousands of people throughout Richmond, VA.

But in 2010, word quickly spread through the Southside community about our work with G.H. Reid Elementary. And in 2011, the Jerusalem Connection, a neighboring Jewish community center, asked us to create an urban farm on two and a half acres of their land.

We partnered with the Timmons Group, a Richmond-based civil engineering firm, and used an urban agricultural model pioneered by Milwaukee’s Growing Power.


After breaking ground in 2012,

the results were incredible.



The garden produced tons of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits and acted as a hub for our food distribution network. The harvests from our two green houses, thirty-one raised garden beds and rain garden were donated to local food pantries and community organizations, and were sold at farm stands in USDA-designated food deserts.

It even became a hotspot for volunteer groups from corporations, universities, churches, group homes, neighboring bingo participants and local community members.


The Jerusalem Connection Community Garden Was:

Really impressive!—two green houses, thirty-one raised garden beds, rain garden, compost bins and worm bins

Really productive—more than 4,000 lbs. of organic fruits and veggies every year

A hotspot for group volunteer projects for outside organizations


It Helped Renew:

Feed and empower thousands of people

Establish our organization in the Richmond, VA world of nonprofits

Donate massive amounts of fresh food to local food pantries

Keep local community organizations supplied with free fruits and veggies

Distribute cheap organic food to people in Southside food deserts through farm stands

Generate funding for ourselves