The George Wythe Edible School Garden shows how much communities can accomplish when they come together.

Renew Richmond, with the help of 100 Capital One volunteers, funding from the Sabra Dipping Company, and students and staff from George Wythe High School transformed three indoor courtyards into endless possibilities for young adults.int1

What was once empty space became three experiential, cooperative classrooms that will grow veggies, flowers and fruit year round.

Students will grow and distribute organic foods, learning about science, nutrition, charity and entrepreneurialism. And as the students grow as farmers, scientists and business people, they will also grow as productive community members. The bulk of the produce from the Edible School Garden will make healthy meals from the school cafeteria, but all excess will go to local food pantries and other community based partners.

The Edible School Garden even helps students make connections for jobs and college degrees. Upcoming collaborations with local higher education institutions, corporate companies and other partners will introduce students to career paths in sustainable agriculture, culinary arts and nutrition education.


The George Wythe Edible School Garden Has:int2

Veggies, flowers, herbs and fruit trees

Raised garden beds

Garden towers

Rainwater harvesting

High Tunnel


It Teaches Students About:int3

Health benefits

Agriculture and science

Community engagement & charity

Growing and selling produce for profit

Food justice and social entrepreneurship

Paths for careers and higher education

The Edible School Garden just started, but check out this Newschannel 6 piece on the project and visit our Facebook page for more info and upcoming events.