Flooding in England causes concern amongst community gardeners

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Safe Crop Growing after a Flood

By John Harrison
Allotment Gardening Diary
February 2, 2014


One thing we thought we would never have to worry about was flooding. Well, we’re 600 feet up a hill and it’s a clear run down to sea level. Of course the law of buttered toast comes into action. That’s the law that states “A slice of buttered toast when dropped will always land butter side down on the floor”

The rain pours down, soaks the land until it can absorb no more and then pours down the hillside. Even with a land drain and soakaway between the hillside and the back of the old cow sheds, when it’s really bad it forces its way out of the wall in jets and rises from the floor. But, on the glass half full principle, the roof leak has been fixed!

Back down on the coast, it’s been almost beyond belief. Sea side flood defences that looked impenetrable have been breached like a sandcastle when the tide comes in. Still we’re better off than Somerset which is turning into an inland sea.

Sewerage in the Water

We know it has to end, even if it’s showing no signs of doing so yet, and the waters will drain away but there’s a problem that doesn’t get much mention with flooding. Our sewerage is invariably carried to treatment plant via underground pipes or treated direct in septic tanks. Once flooded that stops and the smelly stuff rises to mix in with the flood water.

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