Bordofarms: A Project Focused on Solving Deportee Economic Issues Through Urban Farming

This article from City Farmer News explores on urban farming helping the world’s homeless.

José de Jesús González, right, the leader of Bordofarms’ workers, begins the day tending young plants in boxes along the Tijuana River, Feb. 25, 2015. Eros Hoagland for Al Jazeera America.

Volunteers built boxes, carted dirt and planted seedlings in what organizers say are the first step in an urban farming project aimed at addressing the issue of homeless U.S. deportees.

By Miguel Marshall
Huffington Post
July 21


The Tijuana Global Shapers Community (a diverse group of young leaders affiliated to World Economic Forum), proposed a project focused on building technology based vertical farms along the edge of the Tijuana River — a project similar to the New York highline but with a productive twist. The idea was inspired by an experience with Angel Ventures Mexico where we invested, through an Angel Group, in Home Town Farms; a startup doing vertical farming in the neighboring San Diego area.


We simply brought a for-profit business model to a social issue. The goal was to create a center for transitional migration and urban farming on the edge of the Tijuana River area (“El Bordo”) and we named simply named it “Bordofarms”.

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